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Tycho's Terrible Tales

What else did you expect?

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Fifty cents if you can pronounce my birth name.
Gimme a T !! *spreads his arms out at a ninety degree angle to the ground*
Gimme a Y !! *lifts his arms up in the victory position.*
Gimme a C !! *bends his arms around into a "C" shape.*
Gimme a H !! * Spreads his arms and legs, in a manner reminiscent of the Kama Sutra*
Gimme a O !! *Settles down and does a fairly good impression of a sumo wrestler.*
What does it spell ?
*looks around, then tries to hide and quietly whispers*
Little, unexciting me.

Please inform me when you add me to you friends list. I will do likewise.

NOTE: No, I am not "Tycho" from Penny Arcade. Those guys can do anything they want on their world-famous site. Why on earth would they have a livejournal? Think about that.

Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Zodiac: Libra/Dog
Education: Bachelor of Information Systems.
Current Occupation: Waiter/Gamer/Anime-Worshipper.
State: Victoria.
Status: Breathing & Single.
What to Expect: Many posts involving real life ranting, memes, some weblink pimping, more memes, the occasional philosophical thought, and memes with a cheeky twist of wit! Enjoy!

Oh, and I'm also available on Facebook.
abby scuito, alcohol, anime, artillery, asian kung-fu generation, bad habits, beauty, blades, blood, books, boots, buddhism, canada, cartoons, chocolate, christopher shy, cities, clan bob, coffeegroup quotes, comedy, comics, computer games, cookies, corsets, cowboy bebop, cthulhu, cunnilingus, cute girls, dan abnett, david mack, dead baby jokes, death, demonology, dominic deegan, doug anthony all stars, dragons, drunken halo parties, dune, eccentricities, eliza dushku, evil overlords, evolution, exalted, fashion, fight club, fire, food, frank herbert, ghost in the shell, guilty gear, guns, happiness, hayao miyazaki, hugh laurie, hygiene, invader zim, iori yagami, jackie estacado, japan, japanese food, jhonen vasquez, kevin smith, kindred of the east, little gamers, love, lust, machall, magic, manga, mangonels, martial arts, masturbation, megatokyo, misanthropy, miyazaki films, money, my friends, mythbusters, mythology, myths, ncis, neil gaiman, nietzsche, nine inch nails, ninjas, nodwick, online comics, orgasms, paul mcdermott, pauley perrette, perfect black pants, platinum, power, predators, pretty breasts, qi, quake, rage against the machine, reading, red dwarf, sake, sarcasm, sex, sexuality, social distortion, something positive, sonic mayhem, splashdown, stabbing westward, steven erikson, tara moss, tattoos, technology, terry moore, terry pratchett, the muppets, trebuchet, tripod, video games, war, warhammer 40k, warren ellis, weapons, webcomics, william gibson, winter, wit, women, wonderful porn, yoko kanno

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